Simon Stokes and I have been writing songs together since 2004. We first met him back in 1998 on one of our first trips to Los Angeles. We were sleeping on the floor of our manager at the time Mark Lord. Mark Lord's roommate was getting picked up by his co-worker that morning. His co-worker was none other than Simon Stokes. We woke up and there was Simon Stokes looking over us ,he was a hell of a guy and we started talking of mutual friends and music right off the bat, as if we had known him for years. We kept in touch and saw him every time we went to L.A. one of the times he met us at his hotel room and brought his acoustic guitar to show us some of the songs he was working on. One of them was " Down for Death" as he sang I could see the violence in the song clear as a bell in my mind. Right then I Knew I was in the presence of one of the greatest song writers of our time. In 2004 we started writing songs together over the phone. 2 of those songs ended up on Forgotten Range, "Living on Retreads" and "One Way Track" but his infuence on me help write that whole album even the songs he didn't have a hand in making. He also wrote "Soon I will be Free" with me, by far the best song on "Let the Bad Times Roll" an album that he came up with the title for. Through the years we always talked about doing an album together. Well we have stopped talking and have started doing. We have half an album recorded and the whole thing will be done by the end of the year. That's right Simon Stokes and Hammerlock is finally a reality after all these years and we couldn't be prouder. It will be out before you . Travis

EST. 1995