I said we would be back in a couple months with a new vinyl release, okay maybe it has been 3 months but better late than never. December 19th "Glory Never Dies" will be available on 12" vinyl, compact disk, and digital download. By far this is the coolest album cover we have ever had. It was painted with the the blood of artists Ryan Almighty. Ya some artists claim to put their blood, sweat, and tears into their work but Ryan does it literally, no shit it's his blood not red ink. Cool painting too. Ten brand new previously unrealesed Hammerlock tracks, including our versions of songs written by Levon Helm, Greg Allman, and Billy Joe Shaver. This one was produced by the great Ginger Logan and mastered by Justin Weis. Standard Hammerlock album just a little better than everything else we have 
Done. Tone like Bad Company, lyrics with that classic Hammerlock insight. Vinyl,and CD both come with lyric sheets. You got a little more than a month but Dec 19, it really starts cause"Glory Never Dies" will be everywhere. T